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The best laid plans of mice & men…..

‘What shall we do today fossil’, said hubby, Dunno, you choose, I replied, ignoring the ‘fossil’ bit of the question, as I know I’m not THAT old.

Suggestion 1. We go for a leisurely bike ride

Suggestion 2. We use the bus passes.

Suggestion 1 sounded great, until T told me the route he had planned. I mentally clocked this up in my head………….. ‘Leisurely???? you’ve gotta be joking, that’s at least 20 miles’!!!!!!!!  Now 20 miles to T is nothing, he’ll regularily ride 40+ miles on his racer, but me, my bike last saw daylight the back end of last year, and that was around Oversley Woods I’m none too happy about cycling on the roads.

So suggestion 2 came into force and it was bus pass time again, we were hoping to be First to Kidderminster, not much chance of being First, we didn’t bl**dy get there at all!

The plan was to catch the 14.14 hrs at the bottom of our road into the town centre bus station, we should arrive at 14.25 hrs, plenty of time to get the  14.35 hrs X3 to Kidderminster. I popped my camera into my bag (another blog post I thought) and we wandered down to the bus stop for 14.05hrs,  and we waited and waited and waited………………..

The bus eventually arrived at 14.29 hrs. we jumped on, flashing our bus passes at the disgruntled driver, hoping he’d get us to the station in time. Typically, there was somebody waiting to get on at every stop en route, but we eventually arrived into the bus station, and there, still at its bus stand was the X3

‘It’s still there’, I shouted, to the amazement of other passengers, I felt like a caged animal, waiting for the driver to open our doors, slowly they opened, and a couple of demented pensioners started running up through the bus station……….

……………25 yards to go………….. and we see the X3 doors slowly closing and it moves off from the stand.


As it was another hour for the next X3, we wandered dejectedly  into the town centre, aimlessly wandering around, we bought a spaghetti spoon, then wandered back down to the bus station for the bus home.

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Why was the bus late? There is a bus stop on the road into the local Tesco, all the queuing motorist have been blocking this road, panic buying for the promised fuel strike, making it impossible for the bus to get through. Tesco fuel pumps have been closed 3 times this week with empty pumps, and there hasn’t even been a date set yet for a strike, which might not even happen.

9 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice & men…..

  1. I think David Cameron read your blog. Being a man of the people he has now reversed the previously held position over petrol according to the BBC this morning.

    How does it feel to one of the select few who help to make government policy?

  2. Didn’t realise T was such a keen cyclist. A of course rides a mountain bike but likes to take people on for the race on the road (not club cyclists I add hastily). I say, A, I mean we have mountain bikes but I don’t do the race thing (only against Sean Kelly – blog post somewhere I think!)

    The Brits never got over the war and stock-piling did they?

    • Oh, he loves his bike, bit of an action man T is, got a kayak too.
      Mines a mountain bike, and I much prefer the tracks to the roads.
      The war, of course, that is obviously where the ‘squirrel like’ activities of most Brits comes from. 😆

  3. Just read your link. I remember Francis Maude from the dark ages. Never thought much to him either way but I don’t think it is his fault some woman suffered burns faffing around with petrol. Why is someone from York going to Pinderfields? Is that the nearest burns unit? It’s ok you don’t have to answer.

  4. It does make me laugh, there’s only one person responsible for the womans’ actions and that is herself, but we live in the blame culture and if someone else can be blamed for a stupid action, all the better, she probably hoping to get one of these ‘injury lawyer companies’ on her side.
    Yeah, York to Wakefield does seem a bit odd, but my mum had a nosebleed not long ago, went to Harrogate, but was transferred to York, so nothing surprises me.

  5. oh wow, what a (non)adventure!
    Read the article link you provided above.
    i wonder if it would be possible to not fuel up for so long that the prices would come down? just a thought. 🙂

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