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10 miles for a cuppa

Today was (is) my birthday, I’d forgotten until yesterday, but as the counter ticks up, you sort of do that anyway.

My life in the last few weeks has been one long birthday, I mean, realising a longtime ambition sort of outshines anything else, and what is a birthday anyway, it’s just a number, and I certainly don’t feel as old as my number tells me I should.

No bus pass, or cheap rail travel, we pushed the boat motorhome out today and went 10 miles down the road to Bidford on Avon. Bidford is a beautiful little village on the River Avon, I guess the name gives that away though 😉

It was our first trip out in the motorhome, Sal & Jasp settled themselves into the lounge area and off we went. Parking up on the banks of the river, I removed our old camping chairs from the storage locker, setting them up on the grass beside the motohome, T switched the gas on, filled the kettle ready for a nice cuppa.

We sat there like an old retired (oops we are) couple, sipping our tea and watching the world go by. Later we took the dogs for a walk along the river bank, seagulls were squawking above, we could have been miles away in some coastal holiday resort, instead of a few miles from home.

We had a wander over the old bridge, apparently built in the 15th century by monks, before returning to the motohome for the short journey home.

Sal & Jasp, already enjoying the new found freedom, while T waits for the kettle to boil.

Camera on self timer and balanced on the step, I just had to record this ‘1st cuppa’ moment. Not sure what T is doing, suntanning the soles of his feet by the look of it.

The old bridge over the river, very picturesque on a day like today.

Sal & Jasp travelled very well not moving at all, though I do need to sort out some sort of restraint for them, just in case.

This evening, Debs came round for a birthday dinner of Jacket potatoes, beans (the blue can variety, sorry K), cheese and green leaves, and of course, a Peroni or two.

T & Deb then did a birthday dance for me.


9 thoughts on “10 miles for a cuppa

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Vicky!
    how cool is this post!
    love the birthday dance – all three dancers were great 🙂
    have a wonderful new year – numbers shnumbers. old is an attitude, and has nothing to do with age. so enjoy – and may you be surprised by countless unexpected blessings.
    Many happy returns,

  2. Belated greetings from me. It was after midnight when I first read this so thought I would leave it until I was awake seeing as I had missed the day anyway.

    Didn’t you want to stay and sleep in it though? I know I would have done. And why are S&J on the floor? I thought you bought that specifically for them to lie on the sofas? Or was it cos they were travelling?

    Hmm, I thought, baked beans, I wonder – but I didn’t need to wonder for long because you told me. What’s in the pot behind the Peroni??

    The self-timer pic worked well didn’t it? I love Jasper’s expression on that one looking at you, and Sal’s face when she is looking at Tony in the first pic. Some nice photos all round there I think, and sounds a great day. Ending with the cabaret!

    • Midnight, that’s a tad late for you isn’t it? 😉
      There’s no overnight camping allowed there 😦 S & J travelled on the floor, they didn’t appear to want to get on the sofa either, though once we stopped J did try to get into the driving seat LOL.
      You shouldn’t have seen the pot behind the Peroni 😳 it was a bought pot of mozzarella & sun dried tomatoes.

  3. Many happy returns, what a brilliant day you seem to have had. Our first trip in our, now gone, caravan was three miles down the road for our first overnight. Probably the best trip we had. The weather gods smiled on you to by the look, it was brilliant here as well.
    Are you submitting the dance clip to Britain’s got talent?

    • I can’t wait to go off properly, it will only be local for 2-3 days just to get the feel of things, there again if the fuel strike goes ahead, it might be longer than 2-3 days, if we can’t get back 😆
      Britains got Talent? never thought of that 😆

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