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Sky blue Sky

We’ve been a tad busy the last few days preparing our recent purchase for future trips into the wide blue yonder, so Sal & Jasp have had to make do with the Sky Walk, not that I think it bothers them at all.

There’s always a new sniff from a dog who has walked past earlier, each rustle in the bushes could be one of the deer that have made the Sky their home and there’s plenty of tasty (not my idea of tasty I might add) gifts the rabbits leave  behind too, so basically, each new walk up the Sky is a new adventure for them.

The footpath to the Sky. Years ago there wasn’t a footpath and this was all fields, but the underpass ahead now carries a fairly busy road.

The track through the woods, it amazes me how quick nature springs to life once there’s been a bit of warm sun.

A tree has fallen across the track recently, Sal mid leap negotiating it, while Jasp takes the lower route. Every time we pass it T says he’ll bring his saw to clear it away, I’ll try to remind him tomorrow.

Sal & Jasp both ‘trip, trap, trip, trap over this bridge, it reminds me of the Billy Goats Gruff story, and I find myself singing ‘I’m a troll fol-de-rol as we pass over 😆

This was a very interesting place to stop and smell, Sal & Jasp always share smells.

The footpath back home, though I did cheat with this pic as it was a pic of where we’d just come from, not where we were going 😉

Spring is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!


7 thoughts on “Sky blue Sky

  1. How lovely to have such a nearby place to walk S&J. Dogs off leads, no cats or sheep, what more could you ask for?

    Oh, that’s right, cherry blossom or whatever it is. Love that last shot.

    • It’s only since I’ve taken photos there that I’ve realised how nice it is, I think I’d become a bit blasé to it.
      I was hoping someone would tell me what the blossom is, I’m not very good with things like that. 😦

  2. what a beautiful place. looks like apple blossoms to me. are you able to keep an eye on the tree and post again when the fruit is growing? – but no pressure 🙂
    also, not sure if you are inclined to participate in the weekly photo challenge put on by wordpress, but this is a perfect post for the current one, for the topic ‘through’. if not, no worries. i enjoyed it as is 🙂

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