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The Horse Shoe

Continuing on from my Blacksmith post, these are some of the photos of the farrier at work, which are from the same Photo Essay module about the Horse Shoe

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6 thoughts on “The Horse Shoe

  1. I’ve often wondered about shoeing horses. If they managed without being shoed beforehand – why are they shod now, and when did it start? Industrial revolution for work maybe? Truly don’t know but always had a nag about it. What do you think?

    • I guess a horse wasn’t meant to walk on cobbles and other hard surfaces which would wear their hooves down faster than they grew, to be honest I don’t really know (I need to Google now).
      In the latter years of my horses life, I only had the farrier trim his feet, there was no need for him to be shod as he spent most of the time grazing.

  2. Lovely pics I love black and white and could look at images of old crafts all day. Think the shoes help protect the hooves when dragging loads / carrying weight (knights in armour and all that) I saelig sussex oxen were used as draught animals and they were shod too. 🙂

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