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A very modest oak tree

Two minutes from home, this is our everyday, rain or shine walk, where shall we take the dogs walk, our ‘up the sky walk’.

Up the sky? that’s an odd name for a walk I hear you mumble, but there is a reason. When my daughters where young, they’d always tell me who they were playing with and where they were going, one day they came running in from outside, we’re going up the sky!!!! Eh? the sky? where exactly is the sky??? I asked, up there they announced, pointing to the horizon, so the hill just over the road from our house became ‘the sky’.

Anyway, back to this very modest tree, that resides up the sky, perhaps its in a time warp, or was it modesty that kept it from becoming naked through the winter. It puzzles us every time we walk past it, amongst all the leaves are a mass of new buds, so it’s certainly still alive. Not having a great knowledge of tree life, I’m waiting patiently to see what will happen in the next few weeks.

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10 thoughts on “A very modest oak tree

  1. Beautiful walk up the sky!
    Oak trees have the distinction of retaining their foliage until the next season’s arrives. Whether it is modesty, or kindness for those birds which may not have migrated over the winter and are in need of some shelter, or nostalgia with memories of summer days and a denial of winter, or just a personal desire for warmth – who knows why the leaves remain. They tend not to divulge the reason for this extended coat behaviour. This also happens in the case of some varieties of beech trees.
    Looking forward to seeing the transition from one season’s leaves to the next in future posts (but no pressure!). 🙂

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