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In the words of the song….Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor

Oh, OK it sounded good 😎 anyway we went to Ludlow, and the train did continue on to Bangor. 😉

There’s a farmers market twice a month at Ludlow, we’d been planning to go for a while, T had been a couple of times last year and promised when I retired it would be a day out for us.

So once again we found ourselves at Bromsgrove station, waiting for the southbound London/Midland train, it was quite odd really, as each of our days out by train recently (bar one) had been from this station down the same line, each time we’d ended up a station further down the track, today was Hereford (at this rate we’ll be doing Cornwall by September) where we changed onto an Arriva Wales train heading for Ludlow and beyond.

I was pleasantly surprised when we got there, being on the borders between England & Wales, the town perched on a cliff above the river Teme ,is steeped in history with castle ruins and many beautiful old buildings.

The Feathers Hotel one of the many beautiful old buildings.

First port of call was the farmers market, we wandered past the stalls that were selling locally sourced produce, vegetables, meats, cakes, bread, honey etc. etc.

One of the vegetable stalls.

One of the shops, full of cheeses, most I’ve never even heard of.

Starting at the castle, we walked around the boundary walls, through the town then down to the river.

The cannon at the castle entrance.

Part of the castle ruins.

The start of the riverside walk,

at the end of here is this information board, Ludlow has quite a fascinating history.

We finished the day at a little pub called the Church Inn, which rather oddly is almost in the church grounds.

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A few more different images from today  are in this  slideshow


15 thoughts on “In the words of the song….Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor

  1. what a beautiful place! the Feather Hotel looks incredible. i always enjoy the old architecture on your side of the Atlantic. something we don’t really have here in my corner of the planet.
    and those brussel spout stalks look brilliant! have never seen them sold like that.
    thanks for sharing this beautiful outing.

    • Never having been to Ludlow before, I was completely surprised by what a picturesque place it was.
      Sprouts are often sold that way at farmers markets and roadside farm shops, the only prob is you end up eating sprouts till you don’t want to see another for quite a long time.

      • Isn’t that sprout thing a sort of a new trend? I don’t remember seeing them like that as a kid anywhere, not at greengrocers or on the market. It must be trendy now because I’ve even seen them in Morrisons which is as far from a farmers market as you can get.

        • Yes I think it is a new trend, there are plenty of places round here doing it, but I haven’t seen them in the local supermarkets though.

  2. I love the Feathers too. I used to have a circular jigsaw puzzle with Inns of Britain and the Feathers on it was one of my faves. I think we stayed in Ludlow once – but not at the Feathers, some seedier place up the street. Either that or The Feathers was seedy inside 😀

    I was going down the photos thinking this would make a great slide show – and you read my mind. There it was. What was really clever though was adding the black and white versions immediately behind the colour ones, it was a great effect – the colour and the sky cleared and then the clouds came down in black and white. Amazing.

  3. What a wonderful outing! We have a Bangor not too far from here too — Bangor, Maine.
    The architecture of the Feathers Hotel, reminds me a little bit of the Swan Hotel I visited long time ago … not too far from Guildford. The castle ruin shot was beautiful ..

    • Thank you, yes, it was a good day out.
      Having recently retired, getting a free bus pass, and purchasing a senior rail card, we are trying to get out to somewhere if different each week.

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