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Like a Circle in a Spiral

The well known Noel Harrison song kept running through my mind when I was doing these.

After looking at the amazing pics from Pix & Kardz post Islands in the Sky, I just had to go and have a play myself, I took the advice given, and changed the white background to a more subtle colour, here are a few of my efforts.

This is a lake close to home, surrounded by trees, the trees are reflected in the lake, giving a mirror image to the original photo, this symmetry seems to work well with this free software.

This is a single poppy head, the black spot upper left was a tiny insect.

This was a lavender field at Snowshill in the Cotswolds.

Sal & Jasp on Blue Anchor Bay, seen on an earlier post here

Harry, as seen here it looks as though he’s in a teardrop to me.

Pop over to Pix & Kardz blog and click on the link in the ‘want to see more?” paragraph, there are some wonderful images there.

There is also a link taking you to the site where you can do your own.


8 thoughts on “Like a Circle in a Spiral

  1. Wow, these are so beautiful, Vicky! Looks like you had lots of fun with this, too.
    The poppy colours turned out so vibrant, and the lavender is elegant. yet all of them are striking in their own way. The one of Harry in the sandy teardrop is especially unique. And I like the backgrounds you have provided for them. I could imagine these hanging on a wall. Thanks for posting these!
    thank you also for the pingback. How cool is that! Much appreciated! 😀

  2. Exactly what p&k said. I said on hers that they look like paperweights and so do yours, especially the lavender one.

    If H looks to be in a teardrop in eternity S&J look to be on top of an oyster shell.

    I haven’t played with this yet!! Maybe laters…..

  3. ‘H a teardrop in eternity’ how lovely does that sound.
    Yes S&J do look like they’re on an oyster shell.
    It’s a great link that P&K posted, you must have a play 🙂

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  5. In your first, an hourglass that passes time, sands run out, time to turn?
    Your second is like billowing silk, powdered dye dispersing in water,
    The third a heart purple with passion,
    and I won’t even try on the last two, been beaten to it by others


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