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Cotton wool sky

We went for a walk this morning, and my intention was to post some of the pics taken with my camera from then, but they can wait. I just had to post this image.

Later this afternoon I got a phone call from Debs asking if I could pick her up from the garage, her car was sick again and would probably have to stay in overnight to be put better, she also needed to get to work tomorrow. I had one or two places I needed to go to, so my plan was, pick Debs up, take her with me while I get things done, go back home then she could take my motor home with her ready for the morning, my other option was to get up at 6.30am to get her to work for 7am, hhmmm, not an option!

Anyway, coming out of the local Tesco, she gets a phone call to say her car was now well again, so we drive back to the garage to collect it, pulling up outside I happened to look up at the sky, WOW oh WOW!!!!!!!, what a sky!!!!, and yes, no camera (not being in the habit of taking it shopping with me) 😑 just my phone again, this would have been so amazing with my camera.


10 thoughts on “Cotton wool sky

  1. Where did my comment go!!!!!!!

    I said, you didn’t need a camera, this was great as it was, and why didn’t my iPhone take the same sort of great pix? πŸ˜€

    Now there will be a load of similar comments from me…….

  2. Exactly what roughseas said – this is brilliant. No apologIes needed!
    My BlackBerry doesn’t capture the sky nearly as well. Several weeks ago I drove home facing a red sky but the click did not do it justice. A pale orange 😦 Blue skies seem to turn out ok – yet still. I prefer my camera as well.
    Today is a case in point. Blue skies and sunshine and every single peak of the North Shore mountains under a fresh blanket of snow with not a cloud in sight. And my camera not with me. My eyes will just have to feast on them as is πŸ™‚
    But this is some sky!

    • It doesn’t always do well but I was pleased with it this time though πŸ™‚
      You’re comment about the northern shore has just jogged some tunes in my head of a Canadian singer/songwriter, Ian Tamblyn, prob not everyone’s cup of tea, but he paints such a beautiful description in his songs, it sounds a photographers dream πŸ™‚
      Gutted for you forgetting your camera 😦

      • YMMG (= you made me google). i hate to admit it, but i have never heard of Ian Tamblyn before, so I am listening courtesy of youtube as i write these lines. he has certainly mastered the guitar!
        anyhow, he is from Ontario, some 3000 kilometers (give or take a few) east of my corner of the planet. his northern shores are quite different from the North Shore Mountains here (which are much higher in altitude and a range in southwestern British Columbia). But he does portray some beautiful corners of the country in his videos – places i have not yet seen. So thank you for introducing him to me. will have to look at more of his music. i am not a country music fan, but i enjoy folk music and especially accoustic guitar.
        i took my camera with me on subsequent days, and the skies were no longer as blue as on the other day. and today it poured buckets. 😦
        c’est la vie. i did capture some moments yesterday and will probably post them down the road. anyhow, hope you have a good weekend. your Saturday is probably just beginning – enjoy the day. i’m saying good night! πŸ˜€

  3. Yes I forget how vast Canada is, living on such a small Isle.
    I first came across Ian Tamblyn while I was visiting Islay in Scotland, his music was playing in one of the Distilleries we visited and just had to ask who it was. From what I understood, he has spent quite a lot of time around that area, and one of his tunes ‘Angels Share’ was written with that in mind (evaporation = angels share). My favourite song of his is Higher Plane which is the one that was playing that day, as K said in an earlier comment ‘bittersweet memories’

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