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Inspiration from unknown friends!

I have a friend, a cyber friend who I’ve never met , but somehow I feel we have walked down the same path, not at the same time, but yes, definitely the same path somewhere at sometime, whether this is because our roots grew in the same soil, the compassion for animals or what, who knows.

The inspiration for this post comes from this friend, and their blog Every Picture Tells One. The stories attached to each of the photos, for me really makes them come alive and I hope I can portray the same feeling from some of mine here.

There isn’t much in this photo, apart from a dog who stole my heart. I’d gone down to South Wales with a group of friends for a weekend off roading. The 1st day was spent trundling down green lanes, Harry my dog bouncing about in the back of my Discovery, barking at the sheep in the fields. The 2nd day, I left the group to more green laning, deciding H would much prefer a walk on the beach at Pendine Sands. This photo makes me smile, he was actually mid role, but it looks like he’s sun bathing. Alone with my beloved dog, on a deserted beach, in beautiful weather, who could ask for more!!!

This photo was taken in the Champagne region of France. A group of Land Rover Discovery owners (we called ourselves Friends.Of DiscoverieS),we had decided on a long weekend visiting the chateaux & cellars of Champagne, I’ve always been more into red wine myself, but I still tagged along for the trip. As far as the eye could see were the vinyards belonging to the famous names of well know Champagne producers. The senses this photo evoke to me are still fresh in my mind, stepping from the motor, the fresh, clear air was exhilarating, the vast amount of visible sky was stunning, the warmth from the sun relaxing. A memorable day captured forever in a photo.

This was taken in Port Ellen on Islay, one of the islands of the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Another trip with the FODS, this time we were touring the Distilleries of Islay (No I’m not an alcoholic). The yacht in the photo belonged to a couple I got talking to, they’d bought it to travel with, spending 6 months of the year doing just that, having just spent a few days on Islay, they were setting off for their next adventure. I watched them go with a longing to do the same, after not long getting the news that my beloved Harry had died.

Cleeve Hill You may already of read about this special place earlier on my blog. This photo was taken on a bitterly cold day in March 2009. My two daughters and my one month old grandson are in this photo. It is always windy here, it shows in the way the tree has grown, but looking at this photo you can almost feel the wind biting through every bone in your body. We later made our way off the hills and into the warmth of a cosy little pub in Broadway for a welcome warming lunch.

Shell, my eldest daughter & Phil (not quite son in law), live near Portsmouth, they own a RIB, quite a fast one too. This photo is of a group of rocks called The Needles, Isle of Wight on one of our trips over to the island. The speed of this RIB is unbelievable, exhilarating YES, but make sure everything you have on you is safely stashed away safe and your arms are entwined round the grab rails. Shell had flip flops on this day, suddenly she shouts STOP THE BOAT!!!! with the RIB bouncing over the waves and us out of our seats, she’d bounced out of her flip flop, luckily, it had slipped through the drain holes on the deck, into the outboard engine bay.

My grandson Louis. Both his parents are avid mountain bikers, and not letting the birth of their son stop them cycling they bought a ‘charriot’ for baby Louis to travel in that attached to one of their bikes. This was the photo of an oblivious mud splattered Louis on return, he’d slept through the whole ride.

My family, I love this photo, taken on top of the Malverns on 11th October 2010, a slightly warmer day than recent visits. Left to Right: Jasper, Tony, Sal, Deb with Louis, Shell and Robin. It was Tonys’ 65th birthday, we had a lovely walk, followed by a pub grub lunch.

Inspired by a photo posted by Pix & Kardz of a silhouette on a beach, here are my 2 dogs on our holiday in Somerset last September (2011). This photo was taken at Blue Anchor Bay and although it gives the impression of being late in the day, it was only about 5pm. We’d just travelled down to our holiday cottage, dumping our luggage and immediately going for a walk on the beach.


20 thoughts on “Inspiration from unknown friends!

  1. These are so beautiful. I agree that a story adds to an image. Harry looks so relaxed with a beach all to himself ๐Ÿ™‚
    The mood of the last one is magical. Thank you sor sharing – and thank you so much for the pingback! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. There’s a week’s worth of posts here!! So some random comments on a few of them.

    I love that first one of H on the beach. The sky is incredible, Pendine Sands look absolutely idyllic. When I started reading the Islay one, my heart sank. I’d remembered you were in Scotland and wondered if it was the same trip – and it was ๐Ÿ˜ฆ What bittersweet memories to have of such a beautiful place. That photo could have been taken on our trip to Islay, it looks exactly as it did when we were there.

    Love the photo of the Needles, they look great – must be excellent fun in the RIB too. Doesn’t Shell wear Tevas or similar? And your daughters are stunning aren’t they? They must take after you I guess. Jasper always looks such a smiley dog, I adore him. And Robin is smiling too – I thought you said he was a scrapper?? He looks very happy there. Repeating p&k, the last one is lovely too, gorgeous light – gorgeous dogs too.

    • Thank you for your lovely reply ๐Ÿ™‚
      Funny how memories can twist things. I have a strong desire to go back to Islay, with a feeling of wanting to put some ghosts to rest, I feel like H is there for some weird reason.
      How observant you must be, Shell usually wears Merrells, very similar to Tevas, but she’d just bought some ‘Fit Flops’ that week.
      No, Robin wasn’t the scrapper (just the odd dog disagreement, as dogs do). It’s Womble her new dog who she’s got some problems with. Robin died of cancer last year ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • I think Islay might not be a bad idea. Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful place, sometimes best to try and put things behind gently. After my mum died, I so didn’t want to go back to the bungalow, but realised I needed to do it. Not helped by flipping Prince dying while I was away, exactly like H (think I told you before). But it was ‘good’ (not the right word but you know what I mean) to face up to everything – and on my own too.

        I only tend to wear flip flops around the house, otherwise I think they are a) pretty bad for your feet and b) unsafe depending on what you are doing eg riding mopeds and stuff like that which we see all the time around here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        I couldn’t remember the name, so figured it must have been the one you told me about. Speaking of dogs, (what else do we ever talk about?), I’m getting a bit sick of little dogs having a go at Pippa!! Bit stupid considering how big he is, and he is not overly fond of being barked at for no reason. I digress.

    • I also thought there were a week’s worth of posts here too. All of them brilliant. So if you plan to continue this kind of posting with your images, don’t feel pressure to tell a multitude of stories. Says the author of pix & kardz who tells multitudes of stories ๐Ÿ™‚
      Anyhow that was just a little thought by the wayside which I may not have mentioned if roughseas hadn’t already done so. Cheers!

      • So many photos, so little time ๐Ÿ˜‰ seriously though, originally it was intended to be a record of retirement in photos, but I’ve got so much inspiration from yourself and roughseas, and so many photos with stories attached that I’m not quite sure what direction I’m going with my blog now ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  3. Oh, my favourite whiskies come from Islay and Jura, although NOT laphraoig (spl??) which I dislike intensely. But Caol Ila, and the three B ones are great. Lagavulin is ok too, and I like the solitary Jura one. Not sure I have ever tried Ardbeg though. Spelling Islay whiskies before I have woken up properly is not a clever idea ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Before I went to Islay I didn’t like whisky at all, but the single malts from there are something totally different. We visited every distillery that week, I did have a good excuse for the tipples though ๐Ÿ™‚ My favourite is Bunahabhain, followed by Jura

      • I don’t think I knew anything about single malts, I used to like Crawford’s Five Star (blended) but the only malt I knew was one of those boring Glenthings and didn’t like it. Buna thing is really gentle and smooth, we bought a bottle when camping and had a teeny tot most nights ๐Ÿ˜€ I think the Islay and Jura malts are too nice to knock back or treat with disrespect so a bottle would last ages. And as above, I do like Bruill – oh you know which one, and Bowmore is usually a decent drink. It’s meant to be the distinctive peat isn’t it? Didn’t go round an Islay one that I remember, but I think we did visit Talisker (Skye) IIRC which may not be the case.

        On malts generally, I decided that everywhere we went in Scotland, I would try a local malt, it was something interesting to do, and also a good way to remember if I liked them. I think the mainland ones I liked were Oban and Dalwhinnie. End of my malt whisky post ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Absolutely stunning photography, Vicky. All the photos are wonderful, but I especially love the last, with your two loyal companions silhouetted on the beach. Tremendous work!

    • Thank you very much Brian, I much appreciate your comment ๐Ÿ™‚
      I will say the same about yours, you have some amazing photos!!, especially love the multicoloured door ๐Ÿ™‚

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