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What a difference a day makes…………

…………well, 19 days and 22 hours to be exact.

Today was a beautiful day, warm, sunny with stunning blue skies. In fact it was so warm I actually sat in the garden……….Yes, you did read that correct, it is February and I did sit in the garden, not the usual behaviour for a February day in UK.

Later I decided to go for a walk to take some photos.

These are from a place called Cookhill about 10 minutes drive from home.

Todays photo, in stark contrast to the snow of almost 3 weeks ago.

A couple more from the different days.

Back to today and the bridge over the silent stream.

Showing the way.


5 thoughts on “What a difference a day makes…………

  1. uncanny the difference between two different days!
    it snowed here yesterday as well, sticking to trees and lawns, but not to roadways. it has since melted, but there is currently a cold blast of air here, too. back to toques and scarves, it appears 🙂
    thanks for sharing.

  2. Those warm sunny pix remind me of a February when we went walking in Northumberland, complete with gortexes, huge pullies and the lot. It was roasting, we ended up carrying everything and walking in vests and were still too hot!! Nice and warm here too in sunny Gib 🙂

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