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A touch of colour from a B&W era

I am lucky enough to have a couple of Steam Engine Heritage Railways nearby, The Severn Valley Railway & The Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway, I’m not too hot on the workings of the engines, but I think they are stunningly beautiful to look at, and the memories they trigger certainly make them worth a photograph.

My earliest memories of steam engines was the journey to visit my grandparents, well before my parents had their own transport. We’d leave Leeds station for the journey to Hornsea, it was always an exciting time, to go on a journey to the coast, and visiting these heritage railways with the smell of the coal burning and the noise of the steam hissing, transports me back to those halcyon days of my childhood.

It always amazes me how our senses can do this.

Winchcombe Station on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Heritage line.

Black Prince at Toddington, another station on the Gloucestershire & Warwickshire line

Raveningham Hall, another photographed at Toddington. This is my favourite of all the engines I’ve got photos of.

Kinlet Hall at Toddington Station

Earl Bathurst at Didcot Station.

The Flying Scotsman at Didcot, probably the most well know engine of all.

Goathland Station in North Yorkshire. Some will know it better as Heartbeats’ Aidensfield or more recently Hogsmeade from Harry Potter.

Mallard at York Railway Museum. This engine holds the official world speed record for steam locomotives at 126 mph.


4 thoughts on “A touch of colour from a B&W era

  1. Cough. Most of us know it as good old Goathland. I love railway stations though, I adore the old architecture, and hate the way old ones are knocked down for bright brashy new 😦 Replacing the irreplaceable with nothing in particular.

    Your steam engine photos are gorgeous. I have some kicking around somewhere but nothing like yours. Will see if I can find them.

  2. gorgeous clicks!
    while i have never travelled by train in the UK (never been there long enough), i have frequently enjoyed train travel in Europe. that is something i have never seen the likes of here in Canada. so thanks for sharing!

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