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Peace, tranquility and the rat race

The Worcester Birmingham canal, linking the river Severn to the industrial Midlands and once a hive of activity, is now a very peaceful place, especially where it meanders through the Worcestershire countryside.
These few photos are from 1st feb 2012
Ducks on ice There had been quite a heavy frost the night before.

P1020969 The peace of an old brick road bridge…………

M5 over canal ……..in comparison to the rat race of the M5 motorway

Lock gateOne of the 58 locks between Worcester and Birmingham

P1020962 A canal resident.

A  few more residents


6 thoughts on “Peace, tranquility and the rat race

  1. Love the contrast between the new and the old methods of transport. Ducks are brill, I had to look twice to get that some are standing on ice and and others swimming, and that last duck photo is great – that is the sort of pic I never get. Vid wouldn’t work though 😦 and I tried it on here and on youtube. Wanted to see more ducks!!

  2. Oh that’s lovely (I can see it now 🙂 ) maybe Pippa couldn’t see it?? Anyway, I didn’t know ducks could skate !! and, that Apple music (that A really likes or some reason) fitted perfectly with the skating and the mix of clips. So cute.

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