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Another day, another train, another deja ‘view’

Malvern here we come 15th Feb 2012………….

Knowing my daughter had a few days off work, we though it would be nice to have a family day out, so I phoned her…………no answer…………tried again………….no answer…………and again, eventually she rang me: ‘sorry mum, was driving, what did you want’

Your dad and I are just off to the Malverns and wondered if you wanted to join us No way!!!!’ she exclaimed, ‘I’m just in Worcester, picking a mate up, were off there ourselves, give us a ring when you get there, we can meet up’

It appeared the hills were calling the Hills again 🙂

We caught the train to a small village called Colwall on the Herefordshire side of the hills, with the intention of walking along the ridge via the Worcestershire Beacon to North Hill,  then down to Malvern Link station for our journey home.

London Midland rail network, extremely quiet and comfortable trains, slightly different to my passion, the Steam Engines of yesteryear (thats a photoblog for another time :-))

Worcestershire Beacon from the Herefordshire side of the range.

What are you doing in my field? the expression says it all.

Mobile signal on the hills can be quite hit and miss, and though plenty of voice messages were flying around I never managed to catch up with Debs verbally, though I did eventually find out that they were on British Camp (the hill on the right). Hiya Debs!!!!!

A very odd pic of Tony, he was actually walking backwards………….as you do 😉

Life is a minestrone, Tony enjoying his soup. Minestrone soup has VERY bad memories for me, many many moons ago, on a night trip to Cornwall for a holiday, we had taken a flask of this with us, stopping to partake of this en route, I later decided it was better off on the motorway hard shoulder than in my stomach. I haven’t touched it since.

Tony checking where we were, not that it was too difficult a task.

This was the photo I intended to take here

Proof I made it standing up this time.

Galloway cattle graze part of the hills. I just wanted to bury my fingers in his thick coat, doubt he’d have been too impressed though, so I left him to graze.

Back down the hills and into a lovely little pub, where Tony got his fix of Real Ale, Me? well it went without saying, and on draft too 😀


4 thoughts on “Another day, another train, another deja ‘view’

  1. I think I have woken up 😀 What I like about this post is the contrast of pix. Transport, beautiful scenery (I didn’t know the hills were so lovely where you are), animals of course, and the Peroni. Great package. And I do think you take class animal pix. Love both the sheep and the cattle on here. Yes – what are you doing in my field? 😀

  2. love this. i think K is getting very good at photoblogspeak, what do you think? which reminds me i wanted to add that in a reply on one of my comments. oh well, later.
    anyhow, this post sold me with the image of the sheep. those eyes, and that textured wool. love to capture sheep when i can, although there have not been too many opportunities so far.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

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