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Argh!! I haven’t got my camera!!!!

26th January 2012, and another day out on the local rail system.

It was a grey rainy day, we were both sat at home twiddling our thumbs, well not literally, I was endlessly trolling through the posts on a popular social networking site, and Tony was doing his daily Sudoku, when he suggested we pop over to Worcester on the train. Great idea!!!, so making sure we were well wrapped up against the elements, we set off for the station.

Now having been to Worcester many many times, having hundreds of photos stashed away in various places, and considering the torrential rain, I decided it was not a day for my camera to come with me.

How wrong could I be. Worcester is only 17 miles away, but in that short distance the sky became a stunning blue and the light, well it was that wonderful clear light, that always follows the rain.

Annoyed with myself for breaking the golden rule, I pulled my phone out of my pocket to try and capture what I was looking at.

River Severn Worcester from road bridge The River Severn from the road bridge, with Worcester Cathedral in the distance.

 Worcester Cathedral.

 A river sign, warning to keep left, otherwise you’ll end up down……………

 …….the fast flowing weir.

 The new Diglis footbridge, which was opened in July 2010, it enables walkers & bikers to enjoy a circular route along the Severn between Diglis basin & the road bridge in the city.

 One of the bridge supports, and that amazing blue sky.

 Looking back across the bridge.

 A row of seagull ready for take off (if only I’d got my camera)

 A river sign, note how many locks to Gas Street Basin, Birmingham (subject of an earlier post).

 Part of the old monastery ruins.

 View back up the river to the road bridge.

I was quite impressed with how my phone had coped, but it’ll never replace a camera.

8 thoughts on “Argh!! I haven’t got my camera!!!!

  1. i know that feeling of not having the camera with me. but these are great clicks for an iPhone! some of the detail is rather amazing. i especially like the seagulls all lined up on the railing. i know some people find them annoying, but i think they always make such great subjects.
    thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂
      The seagull pic would have been far better with my camera as I couldn’t get any closer with my phone (and no optical zoom).
      Agree with you about seagulls, they do make a good subject. 🙂

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