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Always a Special Place

Cleeve Hill, Gloucestershire.

There are some wonderful walks within 30 miles of where I live, but the one that holds the happiest memories for me is Cleeve Hill, the highest point in the Cotswolds, it’s been said on a clear day you can see for 90 miles. An 18 hole golf course covers the common land, and it is grazed by sheep most of the year.

Happy memories? oh yes! It was when I knew Harry had won his battle (see Pippadogblog 1 & 2)

I have many photos from here, but these few were taken on 22nd January 2012, another day when the need to remove cobwebs was calling.

The Malverns again, there’s not many places round here that they don’t dominate.

Jasper getting rather wind blown, he absolutely loves the wind blowing in his face, which I think is obvious from this pic.

Sal admiring the view, or whatever dogs do, note the buzzard to the right, he’d been hovering motionless for several minutes.

A glider who’d been hovering around too, that must be such an amazing experience.

A seat with a view over Cheltenham racecourse. It’s the same seat Sal and I sat on, trying to put the world to right after H had left us.

I’ve no idea who this cyclist was, he just looked good against the sky.


6 thoughts on “Always a Special Place

  1. There are some blogs and blog posts you never forget. I knew where it was going to be and why it was going to be special as soon as I read the title.

    Have I told you I am totally in love with J? 😀 And you are right about Little Sal, she looks totally foxy on that photo!!

    What absolutely cracking walks you have near you. How lovely.

    • I guess because I’ve seen and walked these places many times I’ve become rather blasé about them, but reading yours and K’s comments has made me realise, yes I am lucky. Thank you 🙂

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