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How many years ago?

The photo I have used for my header photo, is one from a group I took on 20th November 2005, at Bredon Hill, Worcestershire.

Anyone who knows me well, will know I love the hills, the higher the better, mainly because of the views from the top, and I always return home feeling fullfilled, at peace or whatever you want to call it, but this day is still etched into my brain as one of the most stunning views I have EVER seen.

This dismal November day my intention was just to take Harry for a walk. Grabbing my little Canon Ixus and shoving it into my pocket as an afterthought, I set off driving through damp drizzly fog, parked up and set off up the hill. Climbing up the hill, it wasn’t long before the mist started to clear.

Looking back down the hill after the mist had started to clear.

Almost at the top, this was an erie sight, low lying cloud filled the valley with the Malverns in the distance.

This could so easily be big rollers coming in off the sea

The tower at the top of Bredon Hill, I wasn’t alone to witness this stunning sight

I’m going to start waxing lyrical now.

It is well known that a vast area of the UK Midlands was once underwater, this is verified by the many fossils of shellfish that have been found and I’ve found plenty myself too. Often, in a pensive mood, I would just sit down and look into the valley, trying to imagine the geology of the land millions of years ago, picking out the various hills in the distance and imagining them as islands and the seas lapping up against them.

This day there was no need to imagine, it was right there in front of me. I felt like I’d stepped back a few million years.

With the sun going down in the distance, I made my way back down the hill and back into the fog, as though it had all been a mysterious dream.

I would certainly have doubted what I saw if the images weren’t recorded in my camera.


11 thoughts on “How many years ago?

  1. Absolutely V. My first thoughts on seeing those were exactly what you said – that looks like the sea. Superb images, love them. I did wonder where the header came from. Could hardly have been you and Tony if you were taking the photo, and well, bit static really for Tony’s style to date 😀

  2. LOL, no Tony and I aren’t the couple in the header, I would have loved a photo of me and H stood there though, perhaps someone somewhere did take one that day.
    Throwing a critical eye on the header pic, ideally the couple should be on the right, looking into the photo, I did try to frame it that way when I took it but that put the sun in the wrong place. I do have a doctored Photoshop version though LOL

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