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January 5th 2012 getting rid of the cobwebs!!

Get rid of the cobwebs I thought, so we decided to go for a walk on the Malvern Hills ……………… did I say walk?

All started off well, bitterly cold but beautiful weather.

Stopping to admire the view en route

Our destination Worcestershire Beacon in the distance.

As we get closer we notice a couple running down the hill at an extremely alarming speed, slowing down as they neared us, they stopped and remarked

Are you intending to walk to the top?‘Yes’

‘you’ll never make it, it’s too windy’

Well this was like a ‘red rag to a bull’ to Tony, so we continued on …………..

The final few steps to the Worcestershire Beacon πŸ™‚ ……………….steps????……………… by this time I was in a combat style creep clinging to the rocks in 100mph winds.

Tony had managed to get to the plinth and was standing, arms in the air shouting come on Vic, come on!

Not to be defeated, I crawled the final few yards and clinging to the stonework, raised myself to my feet. Taking this photo was easy, I was unable to move, the wind was securely impaling me against the rim of the plinth. Getting off was another matter, I stood there for a few minutes planning my escape route, eventually deciding it would be by far the safest to slide ungracefully down onto my bum, and shuffle away, much to the amusement of some young lads in the distance.

Later, after Tony had joined what looked like a hill top break dancing party we descended wind behind us down the hill, at a comparable speed to the couple we had met earlier.

Cobwebs suitably blown away, we set off home.


13 thoughts on “January 5th 2012 getting rid of the cobwebs!!

      • Don’t be silly. You are a far better photographer than I will ever be. The one of Tony is brill πŸ™‚

        You wouldn’t believe how many times I altered yesterday’s post 😦 and published an earlier version and lost all the amendments. I’ve probably still got errors in it now!!

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  2. What a story!
    Got here via a non-photo blog, Every Picture Tells One. Although it rather borders on being a photo blog, but that’s another story.
    Anyhow, how crazy was your adventure! Glad you lived to show and tell

  3. Ah I have done that walk in the past. We used to do school field trips to the Malverns. About 45 years ago! I can’t believe it but it must be. I don’t think we were out in 100mph winds though. Very brave of you.

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